Second-grade Garrett Ace APEX (Viper) Wireless Pack Metal Detector
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Second-grade Garrett Ace APEX (Viper) Wireless Pack Metal Detector

Customer return - Packaging has adhesive residue - Optically and technically like new - Full warranty

  • Modern design with large display
  • 5 selectable search programs
  • Multi Flex multifrequency (5-20khz)
  • Multi Salt frequency
  • Volume control
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Garrett Ace APEX Metal Detector Wireless Pack (Viper Coil 28x15cm)

The new Garrett Ace Apex comes with the latest technology (Multiflex) and offers a very modern and weatherproof design.

Multiflex Multifrequency

Multiflex technology from Garrett, simply gives you more versatility with the Apex than any detector in its price range!
Choose from powerful single frequencies (5, 10, 15, 20kHz) to improve detection on specific objects, or select one of the Apex's multifrequencies to achieve superior detection of objects in all grounds.

Iron Audio
For even better discrimination between ferrous and non-ferrous objects, the Ace Apex offers Iron Audio. Here, even larger iron objects are repshaftuced by an unclean sound.

The Apex offers 6 different programs (All-Metal, Coin, US Coin, Jewelry, Relics, Custom) + Pinpoint

Lithium Ion Battery
Up to 15 hours of battery life. The battery is charged via the included USB cable.

5 audio tones
The Apex has 5 new tones (lowtone for iron objects, low-midtone for e.g. foil, midtone, mid-hightone, hightone)

High-resolution ground matching
Even difficult ground conditions are no problem for the Apex. Its 175 ground balance resolution points make it possible to search on all ground types and in salt water.

Built-in wireless Z-Lynk module
Garrett 's exclusive Z-Lynk wireless technology is up to six times faster than Bluetooth

Discrimination and Notch
The Garrett Ace Apex has 20 notch segments, including eight segments for irons. Easily filter out unwanted objects. This way, you will find fewer unwanted objects.

Response Speed
The Apex's fast response speed enables better object identification of closely spaced objects

Technical specifications:

    • Modern design with large display
    • Frequencies: 5-10-15-20khz
    • Multi Flex multifrequency (5-20khz)
    • Multi Salt frequency (for beach underwater search)
    • Z-Lynk Wireless
    • Display illumination
    • Length (adjustable): 1.09m - 1.40m)
    • Pinpoint function
    • Automatic ground balance
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Iron Audio & Volume
    • Volume control
    • 5 tone (new tones)
    • Viper 28x15 cm coil

Content of delivery:

  • Garrett ACE APEX metal detector
  • Garrett MS3 headphones
  • Quick guide
2 kg
1 Item
Pointer function
Water resistant
Yes (splash water)
Conductivity display
Locating tones
Ground balance
Variable iron tone
Viper 28x15 cm
Display illumination
Lithium battery
Search programs
20 khz (Multi-Flex multifrequency 5-20 kHz)
Operating keys
Sensitivity switchable
Depth display
Rod type
Headphone jack
Z-Lynk Wireless
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