Garrett ACE 400i metal detector
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Second-grade Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector

Used metal detector - Minor signs of use - Technically sound - Full warranty

  • Pinpoint function
  • 5 selectable search programs
  • 10 kHz Frequency
  • 3 locating tones
  • Depth display
  • Iron Audio
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Garrett Ace 400i Metal Detector

The Garrett ACE 400i metal detector is an absolute powerhouse that is perfect for both beginners and experienced Treasure hunters! With its 5 pre-programmed search programs, you can activate the device with a single push of a button and start hunting immediately. All important information such as conductivity, depth and battery status are shown to you in a flash on the display.

Thanks to the even sharper audio tones and the impressive Iron Audio function, the ACE 400i enables outstanding metal discrimination. You'll be amazed at how accurately you can distinguish valuable finds from unwanted material.

Whether it's tiny treasures buried deep or larger finds, this metal detector leaves nothing undiscovered. Experience the energy and passion of treasure hunting with the Garrett ACE 400i - the ultimate companion for your exciting adventures!

Technical data:

    • digital object detection - conductivity from 1-99 for even better metal discrimination
    • Iron Audio - An even better iron filter at low frequency ranges - for even better object detection
    • Ground Balancing - Ground balance for even better Search performance (automatic)
    • very fast metal detection - detection of "good metals" at all Grounds
    • 10kHz Frequency - this frequency jumps even on smallest objects like gold nuggets, jewelry etc
    • Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA) Graphic object analysis
    • Depth location is shown on the display for each object
    • Pinpointer - for accurate pinpointing
    • 5 search programs + Electronic Pinpointing (All Metal) Custom, Zero, Coins, Jewelry and Relics
    • increased iron resolution - 3x higher than Ace 250, shows the between iron and found objects
    • improved audio tones - sharper and more responsive
    • 3x tone detection and 4x depth indicator + battery indicator can be read at any time

Contents of delivery:

    • Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector
    • 28 x 22 cm 8.5 "x11" Double D Coil
    • Free coil protector
    • Garrett ACE electronic protection
    • adjustable Garrett Easy-Stow headset
3 kg
1 Item
Pointer function
Water resistant
no (coil only)
Conductivity display
Yes 0-99
Locating tones
3 tones
Ground balance
Yes + automatic
Variable iron tone
Display illumination
4x AA
Search programs
5 (Custom, Coins, Zero, Relic, All Metal)
Battery life
ca 20-25 std
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