Collect and redeem loyalty points

Your loyalty will be rewarded - collect points and save on your next order. For each whole Euro of purchase value you will receive 1 loyalty point*, and for every 100 loyalty points you will receive a whole Euro as a gift voucher.

*For certain promotions and pshaftucts you may receive more points!

How many loyalty points are there and when do I get them?

The number of loyalty points is directly on the pshaftuct page of each item. This looks then e.g. in such a way:


If an item for which there are loyalty points is placed in the shopping cart, the loyalty points are also displayed for the current shopping cart contents shopping cart.

Very important: If an item is placed in the shopping cart more than once, you will of course also receive loyalty points more than once - to be precise, 1 loyalty point for each whole euro of merchandise value.

The loyalty points are reserved when the order is submitted. As soon as the order is paid, the loyalty points are credited to your account. After 14 days it is possible to convert your loyalty points into a voucher.

Excluded are already reduced / used items. Here no points will be credited.

Show current points balance

After logging in as a customer, the current points balance will be displayed in the customer menu - My loyalty points account:


Redeem points and save

After clicking on "Convert loyalty points to voucher" you will be asked again to confirm if you really want to convert your loyalty points into a voucher.
By confirming your loyalty points will now be converted into a voucher that can be redeemed for your next order.

Available vouchers will now be listed and displayed in an extra line.

If you would like to redeem your voucher now - just click on the button "add to cart". This will automatically reduce the cart value by the discount and the purchase can be completed.


Suspicion of fraud / double accounts

If we suspect that the points are collected by duplicate accounts, we reserve the right to cancel the points without further ado and exclude the customer account from the loyalty points system.

Points expiry

The points are valid for 1 year after activation. After that, the points expire automatically and cannot be reactivated.

Have fun collecting and saving points!