Store now. Pay later. With Klarna.

Together with Klarna, we offer you a whole new shopping experience.


Flexible, secure, simple.

Experience a new shopping world with Klarna. Simply choose one of Klarna's payment options at the checkout and decide for yourself whether you want to pay for your purchase later or in installments. In short: shopping as it should be. Flexible, secure and simple.

Installment purchase

Choose Klarna installment purchase directly at checkout. This allows you to shop today and divide your costs into fixed or flexible installments for up to 24 months. With the Klarna app, you always have full control and an overview of your payments.


Only pay for what you really like: Receive your order first and then decide what you want to keep. If you like an order, you can simply pay for it later in 14 days.

Pay immediately

Pay directly with your card or bank account. Without registration. Fast, secure and easy.

How to store with Klarna.

Add your favorite items to the shopping cart and go to the checkout.

Select Klarna as your payment method to pay for your purchase as flexibly as you like.

Manage your orders and payments at any time in the Klarna app.

Store better.

With the Klarna app, you can view your orders at any time, process existing payments, manage returns and so much more. Don't have your phone to hand? Then simply log in on your desktop via on your desktop. And if you have any questions: ask us at any time in the Klarna chat in the app.

Secure shopping.

With Klarna, you're always on the safe side. With Klarna Buyer Protection and the latest protection and security measures, your data is protected from unauthorized access at all times.



Still need help? Check out the full FAQ page here. You can contact us at any time at or write to us in the Klarna chat in the Klarna app. We're here for you 24/7.

I have received an invoice that I have already paid. What should I do?

Please first check whether the invoice amount has been debited from your bank account and whether Klarna was the payee. If your payment has not been processed despite the correct information, then log in to Klarna and select "Report a problem" so that your invoice is paused. If you have paid an invoice directly to the merchant, please contact the merchant in question and ask for a refund. Then transfer the amount to Klarna again.

I have not received my order. What happens to my invoice?

Of course, you do not have to pay the invoice as long as you have not received your order. If the payment deadline is approaching and you still have no information about the status of the delivery, please contact the merchant. To do this, log in to Klarna and select "Report a problem" so that your invoice is paused until your order arrives.

The total amount on my invoice is incorrect. What should I do?

If the invoice amount does not match the amount of your order, you should not pay the invoice for the time being. Please contact the retailer directly so that they can correct your invoice. While you are waiting for a new invoice from the merchant, log in to Klarna and select "Report a problem" so that your invoice is paused until it has been corrected.

What should I do if I want to return goods?

First, follow the retailer's return instructions and don't forget to keep the tracking number of your return. Log in to Klarna and select "Report a return" so that your invoice is paused until your return has been received by the merchant. As soon as the retailer has registered your return, you will receive an adjusted invoice, which you can then - as always - pay via Klarna