Garrett AT Pro metal detector with Garrett Pro Pointer AT and headphones.
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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector + Garrett Pro Pointer AT

The Garrett AT Pro metal detector set has the following content:

  • Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
  • Garrett Pro Pointer AT
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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector + Garrett Pro Pointer AT

The Garrett AT Pro is a versatile metal detector that can be used both on land and underwater. Fully waterproof to a depth of 3 meters, it is ideally suited for diving and water searches. The AT Pro also copes with mineralized and salty Grounds effortlessly.

Thanks to its user-friendly menu navigation, the AT Pro is easy to operate even for beginners. It features 6 preset search programs, allows manual and automatic Ground balance and is equipped with a pinpointer. This ensures a pleasant and effective search.

Technical data:

    • 6 preset search modes - Custom, All-Metal and Coins
    • 3 in standard and 3 in pro mode, all user customizable
    • automatic and manual Ground balance for better Search performance
    • Disturbing influences due to high soil mineralization are suppressed
    • Graphical object analysis of the located object
    • Pinpoint - Exact location for small space search
    • Iron filter adjustable in 40 steps, conductivity display from 00-99
    • Differentiation of metals and depth position by audio signals
    • Better metal discrimination for closely spaced objects
    • Housing, Coil and connections are waterproof up to 3 meters !

Contents of delivery:

    • Garrett AT Pro International device unit
    • 22 x 28cm / 8.5 x 11" PROformance DD Search Probe
    • Telescopic shaft
    • Probe shaft
    • Probe mounting set
    • Land headphones - Garrett Master Sound Deluxe with volume control
    • 4 x 1.5 volt AA batteries
    • Operating instructions (German, English)
    • 3 years warranty

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

The ProPointer AT has 3 sensitivity levels and the new "fast retune" function u.a. for faster filtering of the soil and the environment (z.B.Salz etc.). On the side facing away from the switch is a printed ruler with inches and centimeters to help the user determine the depth of the find.

Maximum sensitivity for improved detection on gold nuggets and other very small objects. The Retune button has these functions:

    • Reduction of the detection field for more accurate location of larger objects
    • Ground balance to mineralized Grounds and salty Grounds, , z.B. during the beach search
    • Helps to better estimate the distance to the found object and its shape

The bright orange color is certainly not to everyone's taste, but helps to find the device under water or in the foliage again. A "Lost PinPointer Alarm" emits a signal if the device should be lost when switched on. After 5 minutes without pressing a button in the switched-on state, warning signals sound - then the device switches off automatically. This saves batteries.

Simple, "one-button" operation for:

    • On and off
    • Retune
    • Sensitivity
    • Settings
    • Stealth Mode

The button has been redesigned and is now easier to press with gloves. The waterproof Garrett ProPointer AT comes as a complement to the existing black ProPointer.

Technical data:

    • Patented audio and vibration settings
    • Patented housing shape with scraper blade for digging
    • Economy circuit with very long battery life
    • Probe tip and 360° detection area
    • Tuning: Automatic or manual
    • Large control knob
    • 3 selectable signal displays
    • Vibration and audio each adjustable in 3 intensity levels
    • waterproof design up to approx. 3m
    • LED location illumination and signal strength display
    • Retune functions
    • Overload display: Long audio and vibration display for very large objects
    • Loss alarm and automatic shutdown after loss alarm beep
    • Metal ring for latching a safety cord (not included in the Contents of delivery include)
    • Battery alarm: double tones and a flashing LED signal a necessary battery change
    • 1 x 9 Volt block battery
    • Battery capacity: Approx. 30 hours with "normal" use, with battery approx. 8 hours
    • Weight 200 g

Contents of delivery:

    • Garrett ProPointer AT
    • Belt holster
    • Fastening ring on battery compartment cover
    • 1 x 9 volt battery (commercial size)
    • German and English operating instructions
    • 2 years warranty

Complete Contents of delivery:

    • Garrett AT Pro
    • Garrett Pro Pointer AT
3 kg
1 Item
Pointer function
Water resistant
Yes (Waterproof up to 3m)
Conductivity display
Yes (0 - 99)
Locating tones
Ground balance
Manual / Automatic
Variable iron tone
yes (40 levels)
8.5 x 11" PROformance DD
4x AA
Search programs
Operating keys
Sensitivity switchable
Depth display
Headphone jack
Contents of delivery
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