Minelab CTX 3030 GPS metal detector including 17" Coil and headphones.

Minelab CTX 3030 GPS Metal Detector + 17" Coil

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  • Waterproof up to 3 m
  • Multifrequency metal detector
  • 1,5 - 100 kHz search frequency
  • 5 selectable search programs
  • Online software updates
  • Built-in GPS
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Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector

Discover a wealth of historical treasures with current industry-leading target identification. Using a high-resolution, color LCD display and advanced target tracking differentiation, you can find treasures even in areas with many interfering metals and under a wide variety of Ground conditions discover. Experience the freedom of wireless audio and the versatility of built-in speakers and headphone options. Easily navigate to where you want to go and record your search results thanks to the exclusive built-in GPS system. Transfer your capture data directly to Google Maps with the XChange 2 PC application. Just turn it on and get started - with five preset search modes and numerous automatic functions, operation is a breeze, even for beginners. Additional advanced features are available to experienced treasure hunters at the touch of a button.

High-precision target resolution for iron and conductivity and customizable tone detection profiles let you more accurately identify your desired targets and ignore the rest. Target tracking and target separation make it possible to identify multiple targets simultaneously and get accurate search results. Quick menus provide quick access to settings on the go. Smart features such as sensitivity, clutter filter, audio and ground calibration, as well as an adjustable user button, allow quick adjustments to the most commonly used controls during exploration. With FBS 2, a multi-frequency transmission and sensor and detector data communication, more targets can be acquired at different Ground conditions be recognized.
The design is extremely well-balanced, with the weight of the battery fully behind the armrest for comfortable holding.

FBS 2 Multifrequency

Uses multi-frequency transmission and sensor-to-detector data communication to find more targets at variable Ground conditions.


Thanks to GPS aids, treasure hunters can easily navigate to a specific point and mark points of interest along their way using the CTX 3030. A separate handheld GPS device is no longer required. With GPSi technology and the XChange 2 application, you can now navigate, record your finds and create maps. It makes managing your world of discovery on your PC a breeze. With XChange 2, you have the ability to store and retrieve a combination of find data, detector information, and position data. This information can also be displayed in Google Maps. It has never been easier to precisely document your discovery trips and plan your next treasure hunt.

XChange 2

By connecting the CTX 3030 with XChange 2, you can easily transfer WayPoints, FindPoints and GeoHunts data between your device and your PC (an internet connection is required for display in Google Maps). All your personal discovery data is stored securely and locally on your PC and is not accessible to third parties via the Internet.

You have the ability to add comments and photos to your discoveries and/or searches. Important discovery data can now be stored in one central location using a single PC application.

You can categorize target types, color-code them on your maps, and organize them in collection folders. You can create an unlimited database of your explorer data to use later.

Create new WayPoints to navigate when searching for new locations of interest. Edit, rename and download finds, detector settings and position data to your CTX 3030 to support your next search. The versatility of XChange 2 knows no limits, except your own imagination. Evolve your game plan, track current treasure trends, and identify potential treasure locations. You can also share your favorite detector settings and share interesting discoveries with friends. XChange 2 opens up new possibilities for treasure hunting trips.

Optimum FeCo separation

Advanced target resolution for iron (Fe) and conductivity (Co) and adjustable tone detection profiles allow you to more accurately detect your desired targets while ignoring the rest. With target tracking and target separation, you have the ability to detect multiple targets simultaneously for accurate search results.

Different languages
You can choose from different menu languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish.

Wireless audio
You can also use the detector without headphones connected. With the WM 10 Wireless module, you can use the integrated speaker, the supplied headphones or your own headphones.

Technical data:

    • Waterproof up to 3 m depth
    • Wireless audio for wireless operation
    • Optimum FeCo separation
    • GPS Search: GeoTrails shows the Ground, you have already searched, WayPoints mark interesting places, FindPoints mark the places where you have found - treasures, GeoHunts records your entire discovery adventure
    • PC map creation
    • Full Band Spectrum with a frequency range from 1.5 to 100 kHz
    • USB interface
    • Pinpoint function with audio and video display for variable locating tone and depth indication
    • QuickMask for easy and fast setting of discrimination patterns
    • SmartFind technology for two-dimensional representation of discrimination
    • Soil compensation to suppress soil mineralization
    • Five pre-programmed user modes, plus free user memory locations
    • Discrimination with auto latch function
    • Interference filter
    • Crosshairs assist in determining the exact position of the target object
    • Metal discrimination
    • Sensitivity setting
    • Ultralight and waterproof search probe
    • Easily accessible and clearly arranged membrane pressure switches
    • Clear color LC display for optimal visibility in all lighting conditions and with backlighting
    • Ergonomic and balanced handle arrangement
    • Reset function
    • 3-part search shaft
    • Volume control
    • Battery indicator
    • Can also be operated with alkaline batteries

Contents of delivery:

    • Minelab CTX3030
    • 11" 28 cm double D Coil incl. coil protection
    • 17" 42cm Double D Coil incl. coil protection
    • Battery including charger
    • additionally battery module
    • Koss headphones UR30
    • WM 10 WIRELESS module
    • English manual
    • USB cable
    • 2 years warranty
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Data sheet

Pointer function
Water resistant
Yes (Waterproof up to 3m)
Conductivity display
Locating tones
Ground balance
11" + 17" (Waterproof)
Display illumination
Search programs
5 + Memory for user-defined
1.5 - 100 kHz (broadband spectrum)
Operating keys
Sensitivity switchable
Depth display
Headphone jack
Contents of delivery
Minelab CTX3030, 11" & 17" double-D coils, rechargeable battery, Koss UR30 headphones, WM10 module, manual, USB cable, 2-year warranty11Minelab CTX3030, 11" & 17" double-D coils, rechargeable battery, Koss UR30 headphones, WM10 module, manual, USB cable,
Bullet points
Waterproof up to 3 m, multi-frequency metal detector, 1.5 - 100 kHz Frequency, 5 selectable search programs, online software updates, built-in GPS
WEEE-Reg.-Nr. EN
32506390 XP Minelab

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