Restoration set for coins and relics
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Dark Age Restoration Pens Set for artifacts (Coins, Relics, Badges and more)

The restoration pins set for finds has the following features and advantages:

  • Suitable for copper, brass, aluminum and bronze
  • Quick and easy handling
  • High efficiency in case of heavy soiling
  • Preserves the patina
  • Scratch free cleaning
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Restoration Set for ground finds

The set of 4 contains all the important pencils to perfectly clean and restore your finds.

The pencils can be sharpened again with a sharpener or with sandpaper.

Content of delivery:

- 1x pencil with brass scraper (for the coarse dirt)
- 1x pencil cleaning refill fine (for light dirt)
- 1x pencil cleaning refill medium (for medium to coarse dirt)
- 1x polishing brush (for the finish)
- 1x manual

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