Restoration complete set for ground finds (coins, relics, badges, etc.)
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Dark Age Restoration Complete Set Deluxe with 250ml Conservo Cleaning Fluid and Paraloid

The Restoration Complete Set Deluxe has the following features and benefits:

  • Suitable for silver, copper, brass, aluminum and bronze
  • Quick and easy handling
  • High efficiency with heavy soiling
  • Preserves the patina
  • Scratch-free cleaning
  • Perfect preservation
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Restoration Complete Set Deluxe with 250ml Conservo

This set is the ideal tool to clean or restore coins and other objects.
Due to the coordinated compositions, the object can be cleaned gently without destroying the patina.

Complete content of delivery:
- 1x pen with brass scraper (for the coarse soiling)
1x pen cleaning refill fine (for light soiling)
- 1x pen cleaning refill medium (for medium to coarse soiling)
- 1x polishing brush (for the finish)
- 1x polishing brush ( for finish)
- 1x glass fiber pen (for extremely gentle cleaning)
- 1x manual
- 1x 250ml bottle of Conservo cleaning fluid with German manual
- 1x Paraloid B72 30ml 15% dissolved in ethyl acetate

0.50 kg
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