XP DEUS 2 II 22 FMF RC WS6 metal detector complete set

XP DEUS 2 II 22 FMF RC WS6 Metal Detector Complete Set

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  • The first wireless multi-frequency detector
  • Waterproof up to 20 meters
  • Suitable for any terrain
  • FMF® technology (4-45kHz simultaneously)
  • 49 individual frequencies
  • Ultralight - Only approx. 1000 grams
  • 22cm Coil, remote control, WS6 headphones

XP DEUS 2 II 22 FMF RC WS6 Metal Detector Complete Set

XP Deus 2 Metalldetektor Spule sucht auf einer Wiese. Daneben ist die Fernbedienung und das Logo des Deus 2.

A breakthrough in a class of its own!

XP has once again set the standard and developed the world's first wireless multi-frequency metal detector that impresses with unique features and unbeatable performance. With wireless connectivity and latency-free communication between Coil, remote control, headphones and pinpointer, the XP Deus 2 uses the patented wireless protocol system from XP. As a result, signals generated by the Coil are transmitted to the headphones at lightning speed and without delay, ensuring unprecedented speed and accuracy. Thanks to the innovative FMF® (Fast Multi Frequency) technology, the XP Deus 2 achieves outstanding performance in any terrain and conditions, whether on land or water.
Dive into a new era of metal detection with the XP Deus 2 and experience unparalleled performance and accuracy! What are you waiting for? Grab it now and take your treasure hunting to a new level!

XP Deus 2 Overview - Easily explained

Since it is difficult to distinguish between the different versions of the XP Deus 2, especially for newcomers or even those switching to another version, we have provided a small overview here.

[XP Deus 2] [22 FMF] [RC] [WS6]

    • XP Deus 2 - for the detector in general
    • 22 FMF - stands for a 22cm Coil with the FMF technology
    • RC - for Remote Control
    • WS6 - for the WS6 bracket headphones

Thanks to the revolutionary FMF technology you will experience breathtaking search results. Choose between simultaneous multi-frequency or individual frequencies and discover hidden treasures in unprecedented depth. With the Deus 2, you'll achieve impressive find rates and precise iron discrimination. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Get started now with the XP Deus 2!

XP Deus 2 Spule mit 3D Illustration des gleichzeitig messbaren Frequenzbereichs von 4 kHz bis 45 kHz.

XP Deus 2 General Features/Data

    • FMF®: Fast and simultaneous wireless multi-frequency or 49 individual frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz
    • All Terrain: High performance on land and at the beach/underwater up to 20m waterproof
    • 12 installed factory programs + 12 individually storable user programs
    • Wide and precise discrimination range
    • 99 levels of sensitivity
    • Volume adjustable in 10 steps
    • Reaction time 9 steps (0/0,5/1/1,5/2/2,5/3/4/5)
    • Signal gain adjustable in 8 levels
    • Iron volume adjustable in 6 levels
    • Multiple dynamic audio options: PWM, SQUARE and more to come
    • Audio Response, Iron Volume, Multi Tones, Notch, Reactivity, Threshold adjustable with audio frequency + many expert functions
    • Ground balance Ground Tracking (automatic) or Grabbing
    • Motion and non-motion modes (pinpoint)
    • Frequency shift + automatic frequency scan option for EMI noise reduction
    • Independent audio volume adjustable for RC, wireless headphones and bone conduction headphones
    • Headphone volume control via remote control
    • Remote control volume control
    • Automatic on/off switching of the headphones
    • 4-band sound equalizer, configurable for each audio output
    • 4 adjustable bands per audio output
    • XP Wireless connection, 36 automatic channels
    • Rod fully extendable, S-shaped for best handling
    • Handle especially skin-friendly and non-slip
    • Rod extended 130cm
    • Rod folded 58cm
    • Operating temperature 0 to + 40°C
    • Ambient temperature during charging 0 to + 40°C
    • Recommended storage temperature 25°C

Technical data RC (remote control)

    • Digital wireless connection between the FMF Depth coil, the remote control and the wireless headphones (+ the optional wireless pinpointer MI-6)
    • Weight 150 gr. including battery
    • Display 8192 pixels
    • XY display adjustable
    • Time display
    • Battery indicator: Remote control, Coil, wireless headphones, pinpointer
    • IP68 certified, waterproof to 20m diving depth
    • Shockproof (fully encased in hard rubber)
    • Multi-point stainless steel connector for charging
    • Update possibility
    • Wired headphones BH-01 and FX03 connectable
    • Backlit graphic display
    • Backlight in 20 adjustable levels
    • Pocket size (belt pouch included in Contents of delivery )
    • Use as Deus II main controller
    • Integrated high capacity lithium battery 700 mAh, 12 gr. (2 years warranty)
    • Battery life with one charge up to approx. 25 hrs.
    • Simultaneously with other Deus II components fast chargeable in approx. 3 hours

Technical data WS6 headphones

    • With own system control and display
    • Weight 82 gr. including battery
    • Rainproof
    • Lightweight & foldable (receiver can be removed from the carrier)
    • Settings for many Deus II functions
    • Lithium battery with approx. 15 hours battery life on one charge
    • ABS protective box for transport and storage included

Technical data FMF Coil

    • FMF®: Fast and simultaneous wireless multi frequency or 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz
    • Double D Depth coil 22cm diameter
    • Waterproof up to 20m diving depth
    • Weight 345 gr.

Contents of delivery:

    • XP Deus II 22 FMF RC WS6 - complete set
    • 22cm double-D FMF Coil, waterproof Coil
    • Remote control, shockproof, waterproof, latest version
    • wireless headphone WS6 in protection box, newest version
    • 3.-tlg. S-telescopeRod, newest version
    • Coil protection (already mounted on the Coil )
    • Fast mains charger with charging cable for remote control, Coil and pinpointer
    • Data cable-for update, charging cable WS6
    • Underwater kit (waterproof up to 20m)
    • Charging clip (for charging the Coil)
    • Rod holder for remote control
    • Belt pouch with viewing window and neodymium magnet closure
    • Velcro strap for secure hold in armrest
    • Coil screw set
    • detailed german instruction manual
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Data sheet

Pointer function
Water resistant
waterproof up to 20 meters
Conductivity display
22 cm FMF coil
approx. 800 gram
FMF (multi-frequency) or 49 individual frequencies
Contents of delivery
XP Deus II 22 FMF RC WS6 - complete set: 22cm double-D FMF Coil (waterproof Coil), remote control (shockproof, waterproof, latest version), WS6 wireless headphones in protective box (latest version), 3.-tlg. S-telescopeShaft (latest version), coil sc
Bullet points
Wireless multi-frequency detector waterproof up to 20 meters, suitable for any terrain, FMF® technology (4-45kHz simultaneously), 49 individual frequencies, ultra-light (only approx. 1000 grams), 22cm Coil, including remote control and WS6 headphones
WEEE-Reg.-Nr. EN
32506390 XP Minelab

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