XP DEUS X35 28 WS4 metal detector including headphone and Coil.

XP DEUS X35 28 WS4 metal detector + free XP backpack 240 (DEUS-28X35WS4G)

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Only for a short time - Free XP Backpack 240

  • 10 preset search programs
  • 8 adjustable user programs
  • Modern design
  • Lightest detector on the market with 875g
  • wirelesstransmission

XP DEUS X35 28 WS4 metal detector (latest software version)

With the Deus, XP has developed a wireless metal detector with an S-Telescopic rod that will delight both beginners and experienced Treasure hunters. The operation of the Deus is simple and intuitive without a remote control. Simply select one of the 10 preset factory programs on the wireless headset and the search can begin. The Deus offers unique performance and flexibility that is unparalleled in this price range, making it a real gem for treasure hunters.

XP Deus - clearly explained
As it is difficult for newcomers to distinguish between the different versions of the XP Deus, here is a brief explanation:

[XP Deus] - [X35 28] - [WS4]
XP Deus - XP Manufacturer's name, Deus metal detector brand
X35 28 - 28cm Coil
WS4 - WS4 headphone

Ten pre-set factory programs give the user many possible applications:

    • Deus Basic
    • Goldmaxx Power
    • Deus Fast
    • Pitch
    • G-Maxx
    • Deep
    • Wet Beach
    • Dry Beach
    • Hot
    • Gold Field
    • 8 storable user programs!

The detector can be assembled and disassembled in just 5 seconds and allows the Coil to be replaced quickly. The patented Shaft swivels particularly well and the ergonomically shaped rubber handle sits comfortably and securely in the hand. With a high Search performance and reaction speed as well as precise metal discrimination, the detector sets a new upper limit among high-end detectors.

The DEUS system uses a 28 cm double-D Coil, which contains essential components for signal processing. These are no longer transmitted via a cable connection, but a miniature digital circuit is integrated into the receiving coil. As a result, located signals are digitized and analysed directly "on site", which leads to a uniquely fast reaction speed of the DEUS system. At the same time, the quality of the signal processing is significantly improved. The signals are transmitted in real time via digital radio to the remote control and headphone.

General information:

  • The high operating frequencies 23 - 27.7 kHz provide excellent search results on small and low conductance targets.
  • The battery capacity of the Coil increases between 10 - 40% in most frequencies.
  • Improved locating stability on all Grounds.
  • headphone with volume control is rainproof and can be used as a control unit.
  • wirelesstransmission on 36 multi-frequency channels.
  • Graphic display with economical backlighting and contrast settings.
  • wireless-headphone with display and main menu functions.
  • Shaftfully telescopic, aluminum carbon fiber mix, S-shape.
  • Pole size: 58cm when retracted, 130cm when extended.
  • Weight: Shaft 480g, Coil 465g, headphone 86g.
  • Total weight at Shaft: Only 880g.
  • Latest generation lithium polymer batteries in miniature format.
  • Battery charge level indicator for wireless headphones and Coil.
  • Battery capacity per charge: headphone 27 hours, Coil 15 hours
  • Fast charger for simultaneous charging of remote control, Coil and headphone.
  • Charging times: headphone and remote control 180 minutes.
  • Operating temperatures: -5°C to 40°C.

    Switch on and start immediately!
    Also suitable for beginners.

Wireless headset information:

  • High wearing comfort and brilliant sound.
  • Own system control and display.
  • Settings for the Deus functions.
  • Preset search programs + 8 adjustable user programs.
  • Lithium battery and charger.
  • Includes ABS protective box for transportation and storage.
  • Safe from rain.

Contents of delivery:

  • XP DEUS X35 28 WS4
  • german software
  • Wireless headphones WS4 with display
  • 28cm double-D Coil, waterproof carbon fiberCoil
  • Coil protection
  • Charging cable
  • Charging clip (for charging the Coil)
  • Velcro strap for secure hold in the armrest
  • Coil screw set
  • detailed German operating instructions
  • 5-year warranty
  • XPRucksack 240
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    Data sheet

    X35 28cm
    Lithium battery
    Search programs
    10 + 8 (Custom)
    Rod type
    S-telescope shaft
    Headphone jack
    Wireless headphones (WS4, WS5)
    Contents of delivery
    XP DEUS X35 28 WS4 set with German software, WS4 wireless headphones including display, 28cm double-D Coil (waterproof carbonCoil) with coil protection, charging cable, charging clip (for charging the Coil), Velcro strap for secure hold in the armrest, Co
    Bullet points
    10 preset search programs, 8 adjustable user programs, modern design, lightest detector on the market at 875g
    WEEE-Reg.-Nr. EN
    32506390 XP Minelab

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