Metalldetektor Handbuch für Sondengänger *German Edition*

Metalldetektor Handbuch für Sondengänger *German Edition*

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The must-have for every beginner and advanced treasure hunters.

  • A life's work of experience from 35 years of professional searching
  • New edition 2022
  • 322 pages
  • approx. 1000 illustrations of soil finds
  • Find locations
  • Search techniques
  • Magnetic fishing and much more.
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A sensational treasure chest full of information about metal detectors, search techniques, locations, finds and long-hidden search secrets.

This handbook contains all the knowledge, experience and valuable information from customers as well as search secrets and photos that have accumulated over the years. The book is therefore a little treasure chest in itself. From the first page to the last, the reader will find valuable ideas and never-before-published search tips.

Countless photos of finds. Locations and finders clarify the text and make reading this book an exciting and instructive adventure that can only be surpassed by your own experiences and the "thrill" of the first beautiful find.

Updated "treasure chest" full of'information about metal detectors, magnetic fishing, search techniques, locations and long-hidden search secrets.

A life's work - the experience of 35 years of professional searching! It is the most comprehensive and most beautiful work on the hobby of metal detecting to date!

Hardback edition, 12,2022, with 322 pages and just as many color illustrations and color sketches. The illustrations show around 1000 soil finds.


  • Metal detection in bird flight
  • History of the metal detector
  • Metal detectors
  • Accessories and search techniques
  • Detector selection and search tasks
  • Depth range and ground resistance
  • The metal detector, a friend for life
  • Finding locations
  • The treasure hunt
  • The search for gold
  • Hunting for meteorites
  • Magnetic fishing
  • Types of metal and their processing
  • Taking, cleaning, preserving and restoring metal finds
  • Documenting, photographing and saving finds digitally
  • Lead: The new gold from the age of the steam engine for archaeologists
  • Recognizing and dating soil finds
  • Probing and the law
  • Miscellaneous

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