What can you do yourself?

  1. Use the detector away from sources of interference. Best used outdoors
    1. There are sources of interference inside your home, such as electrical appliances, WiFi, etc.
    2. Within your garden can also be interferences, such as wireless networks, smartphones or metal fences.
    3. Even in nature there can still be sources of interference from power lines or wind turbines.
  2. Check the settings of the detector
    1. For example, the sensitivity may be set too high.
    2. An incorrect ground balance can lead to false signals and interference.
  3. Reset the detector to factory settings. (Factory Reset)
    1. Information on this can be found in the respective operating instructions.

Is there still a problem?

If you continue to notice a defect or fault with your device, please follow the steps below.

  1. Download the repair form.
  2. Completely fill out the form, including signature.
  3. Send the defective device back to us, along with the completed repair form.

Further procedure

  1. The submitted device will be thoroughly examined by our technicians
  2. If repair / replacement / exchange is necessary, your device can be sent to the manufacturer's service.
  3. Depending on the effort, the repair takes 5-14 working days. (If the device needs to be sent to the manufacturer, it can take longer.)
  4. Afterwards, you will receive your device back.

For further questions, just give us a call. Phone: 015774432160

*A service charge of €35 may apply for user or operational errors without a detectable defect.