Raptor Stainless steel Digging knife Deluxe

Raptor Stainless Steel Digging Knife Deluxe

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The Raptor stainless steel digging knife has the following features:

  • Stainless steel digging knife
  • 17cm blade length
  • Laser cut
  • 29,5cm total length
  • 17cm blade length
  • Load up to 80Kg

Raptor Stainless steel digging knife Deluxe

The new stainless steel digging knife with saw function, cuts like butter through the root system! Length 29.5 cm. The very strong digging knife comes with a holster. At an unbelievable price!

It is made of 3mm stainless steel has a length of 29.5 cm is 7.0 cm wide and the blade length is 17.0 cm. This knife was laser cut, so there are no messy edges.

The knife withstands a load of 80 kg, it convinces with its top craftsmanship and is a clear recommendation from us who wants to buy a digging knife. It was used very high quality stainless steel so that the digging knife lasts a lifetime.


- Material: stainless steel
- Width: 7.0 cm
- Length: 29.5cm
- Blade length: 17 cm
- Thickness: 3mm

Content of delivery:
-Laser cut stainless steel digging knife
- High quality holster

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Stainless steel Digging knife, 17 cm blade length, laser-cut, 29.5 cm total length, load capacity up to 80 kg

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