Garrett ACE 250 metal detector.

Garrett ACE 250 metal detector

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  • 5 selectable search programs
  • 6,5 kHz search frequency
  • Easy operation
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 5 sensitivity levels
  • Pinpoint function
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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

The Garrett ACE series is an outstanding quality pshaftuct that impresses with its yellow, sporty design and user-friendly digital display. Integrating proven technologies from the renowned Garrett GTA, GTI and GTP series, this metal detector series offers impressive performance that will pleasantly surprise you. The depth range is outstanding, allowing you to discover even deeply buried treasures.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced searcher, the Garrett ACE series will meet your needs. Experience the power of this metal detector and be impressed by its quality and precision.

Waterproof Coil:
The Garrett ACE 250 has a waterproof Coil, the display is not waterproof. You can use the ACE 250 metal detector in shallow water as long as the display does not get wet. The display should also be protected from rain. To do this, simply order a Garrett display protection film against dirt, dust and moisture.

The discrimination function of the metal probe specifically filters out unwanted objects such as Bottle caps or nails, so that valuable finds are quickly discovered.

Differences between Garrett ACE 150 and the ACE 250:
The Garrett ACE 250 goes deeper than the ACE 150, has more Settings and a pinpoint function. The pinpoint function is a handy feature for precisely locating objects. It allows you to locate and excavate objects faster. In addition, the Garrett ACE 250 has five different search modes (the Garrett ACE 150 only has three search modes). The Garrett ACE 250 also has a programmable search mode where you can set your own preferences (settings). The Garrett ACE 150 can only discriminate by default with no custom setting. Also, the Garrett ACE 250 has an elimination function (A so-called notch filter!), which can hide certain unwanted objects.

With the extensive Contents of delivery, which includes batteries and a German manual, you can immediately start your treasure hunt.

Technical data:

    • Immediate search after switching on without programming effort
    • Graphic object identification
    • Display of the found objects over 12 elements
    • Pinpoint - exact location button prevents digging up scrap metal
    • 8 adjustable search levels - optimal for scrapped sites
    • 5 preset search programs for fast, uncomplicated searching
    • clear display with battery indicator
    • high sensitivity to small objects and very good depth performance
    • Sound identification of metal types in 3 levels
    • user defined programs that remain stored after power off

      Garrett Metal Detectors have equipped the ACE 250 with so many technical features that very few metal detectors in this price range have. We highly recommend the Garrett ACE 250 to newcomers and beginners to metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Contents of delivery:

    • Garrett EuroACE electronic unit
    • 17 x 23 cm "PROFORMANCE" search probe
    • 4 x 1,5 Volt AA batteries)
    • Instruction manual (German, English)
    • 2 years warranty
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Pointer function
Water resistant
Contents of delivery
Garrett Euro ACE metal detector, 17 x 23 cm "PROFORMANCE" search probe, 4 x 1.5 volt AA batteries, operating instructions (German, English), 2-year warranty
Bullet points
5 selectable search programs, 6.5 kHz Frequency, 5 sensitivity levels, pinpoint function
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