Magnetar 2x 440KG 880KG fishing magnet set neodymium magnet incl. 15m rope

Magnetar Bulldog 800 2x 440KG 880KG fishing magnet set neodymium magnet incl. 15m rope

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Magnetar 2x 440kg 880kg neodymium fishing magnet has the following features:

  • Best neodymium magnet on the market
  • Pulls objects out of the mud without any problems
  • 2x 440KG 880kg pulling force
  • 95mm diameter
  • 1,9kg weight

Magnetar 2x 400KG 800KG fishing magnet set neodymium magnet incl. 15m rope

The Magnetar neodymium magnets are specially designed for magnetic fishing and are the best neodymium magnets you can buy on the market.

The eyelet can be attached to 2 different threads
.This has the advantage that on both sides the objects will stick. Each side of the magnet has a pulling force of 400KG.


-Neodymium magnet
- Pulling force: 2x 440KG 880KG

- Weight: 1,9kg
-Diameter: 95mm
- Screw: 2x M10

Content of delivery:

- Magnetar 2x 440KG 880KG Neodymium magnet
- 15 meters PP cord 9mm diameter
- Closed eyelet M10
- Safety instruction


Warning notice for all magnets!

Please handle this magnet with extreme caution. This is not a toy! Please always keep the magnet away from electronic items such as cell phones, TV's, cameras, etc.
Please never throw it on large steel beams, iron bollards or bridge piers. Due to the high adhesive force, the magnet may get lost.
Danger of crushing! Always wear gloves when using the magnet. There is always a risk of crushing if handled incorrectly!

Please also note that there may be explosive ordnance in the water. A use is strongly explosive ordnance contaminated areas is strongly discouraged! In case of explosive ordnance, please call the explosive ordnance disposal service immediately and do not loosen the object yourself!

Pay attention to correct ropes and fastening, otherwise risk of loss. For damage we assume no liability!

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Powerful neodymium magnet, 2x 440KG (880kg pulling force), 95mm diameter, 1.9kg weight

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