Minelab Manticore M8 20x14cm elliptical DD Coil

Minelab Manticore M8 20x14cm elliptical DD Coil

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The Minelab Manticore 8x5.5" elliptical double-D search coil for improved object separation

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Minelab Manticore M8 20x14cm Elliptical DD Search Coil

The Minelab M8 search coil offers perfect handling and is ideal for heavily littered search areas. Its slim design enhances the separation of overlapping objects, also increasing sensitivity to small items.

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Minelab M8 Double-D Search Coil

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Minelab M8 Double D Coil
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Perfect handling, suitable for scrapped search areas, narrow design for better selectivity, increased sensitivity to small parts
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32506390 XP Minelab

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