Quest X5 metal detector + Quest Xpointer

Quest X5 metal detector

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  • 3 selectable search programs
  • 13 kHz Frequency
  • Volume control
  • Conductivity display
  • Depth display
  • Pinpoint mode

Quest X5 Metal Detector + Quest Xpointer Orange

The Quest X5 is the new entry level model from Quest. It is completely rainproof and has an innovative design just like its big brother the Quest X10.
The Quest X series sets completely new standards in the field of entry-level models

The Quest X5 offers the latest technology and powerful microprocessors. The new "Quest" software enables a very fast performance of the metal detector. Due to the very high quality built-in lithium battery, the battery life is about 30-40 hours. TheX5 is conveniently charged via USB cable.

The Quest X5 is completely rainproof.This makes it possible to search with the X5 during any weather condition without any problems. In heavy rain you do not need an extra screen protector. This is a big advantage considering that many displays of other detectors are not rain resistant.The 9 x 5 inch blade Coil is completely waterproof.

With its extremely light weight of about 945g, the X5 is a super lightweight metal detector .For children, this lightweight metal detector is highly recommended
Due to its very easy operation, the X5 is not only recommended for beginners and children but also for advanced Treasure hunters

The detector has all the important functions including iron discrimination, sensitivity adjustment, volume control, depth display, conductivity ID, battery display, 5 ID segments and also an accurate point location function (pinpoint). The Quest has a fast V6 response speed (recovery speed). This allows you to perfectly detect if there are multiple objects. The advantage is that you will not run over any object!

Digital detector with number identification
The Quest X5 is a digital metal detector on which you can easily read the conductance values (metal type or object type) on the display
.The conductance values are shown by numbers 1-99 in the middle of the display. So you can see directly what type of metal or object it is. For example,number 15 stands for iron, number 50 for gold, and number 65 for a Euro coin, etc.

It has a rubber protected control panel. The
Shaft consists of 3 parts.

The X5 has a small LED lamp on the bottom of the electronic unit thus the Coil is perfectly illuminated and it is also possible to search at night.


Frequency: 13 kHz VLF (Very Low Frequency)
- Length: 3-piece Shaft (from 80 cm to 130 cm)
- Handle: ergonomic, non-slip surface
Coil: 9.5 x 5" (24 x 13cm) long-range, waterproof Blade™ TurboD-Coil
- Weight : Extremely light 945g with the Blade™ TurboD-Coil
- Display: 60 x 70 mm LCD display
- Audio output: Built-in speakers, wired headphones
- Power supply: Built-in 1.200 mAh Li-Po battery, rechargeable via USB
- Battery life: up to 30-40 h
- Search programs: 3 search programs (all metals, jewelry, coins)
- Conductance: 99 digits describing the conductance
- Ground balance: manual
- Working temperature: best working performance:
0° up to 35° C
- Frequency switch: 8 steps
- Headphone jack: 3.5mm jack
- Completely rainproof (not suitable for diving)
- Pinpoint function
- Coil light
- Volume control
- Depth indicator
- V6 response speed
- Battery indicator

Differences from Quest X10 metal detector:

    • No display illumination
    • No Custom Mode (self-created search program)
    • No 10 ID segments (X5 has 5 ID segments)
    • No object identification in audio tones (metal type detection): Yes (5 different tones)
    • No threshold (floating tone)
    • Not waterproof

Contents of delivery:

    • Quest X5 Metal Detector
    • TurboD Blade Coil with coil guard, 9 x 5" (22.5 x 12.7 cm)
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Quest Xpointer Orange
    • Quick Start Guide
    • 2 years warranty

Optionally, we recommend the BlackDog high performance coil for optimal area coverage and depth performance.

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Data sheet

Pointer function
Water resistant
Conductivity display
Ground balance
9 x 5 inch blade coil
Lithium battery
945g with the 9 x 5 inch blade coil
Search programs
13 kHz
LED light
Rod type
Headphone jack
Yes (3.5mm)
Contents of delivery
Quest X5 metal detector Turbo DD Coil 9 x 5 inch or 22.5 x 12.7 cm), micro USB cable, quick guide, Quest Xpointer
Bullet points
Quest Xpointer Orange Pinpointer, 3 selectable search programs, 13 kHz Frequency, volume control, conductance display, depth display, pinpoint mode
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