XTREM HUNTER XTR-115 Explained

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Here you can find an explanation for the XP XTREM HUNGTER XTR-115. Find out about it's properties, specifics and other relevant information.



XTREM HUNTER XTR-115 Explained

The XTREM HUNTER sets new standards as the latest metal detector in terms of search depth, efficiency, and ease of use, once again highlighting XP's commitment to advanced metal detection.


Who is the XP XTREM HUNTER for, and what are its applications?

The XTREM HUNTER deep detection system is suitable for the following people and applications:

  • With an extreme search depth of up to 5 meters, this device is suitable for any detectorist and archaeologist who wants to find deeper-lying finds in already-searched areas.
  • The metal detector can also be used in the construction industry to locate underground lines, pipes, and metallic waste.
  • Ordnance clearance services that use metal detectors to secure terrain.



There are two variants of the XTREM HUNTER XTR-115:

  • XTR-115 for 1599 €, which is a kind of extension for the DEUS II system. It consists of the transmitter and receiver coil, the shaft (which connects both coils), the S-Telescopic shaft LITE, an accessory kit, including a shoulder carrying strap, and a case to easily transport everything. This variant is suitable for detectorists who already own a DEUS II.
  • XTR-115 RC WSA II XL as a complete set for 2499 € includes everything described in the first point. In addition, there is the DEUS II remote control and the WSA II XL headphones. This set is suitable for treasure hunters who do not already own a DEUS II.


What can the XP XTREM HUNTER do?

The XTREM HUNTER has the following features and characteristics:

  • With a depth of up to 5 meters, it goes much deeper than conventional metal detectors.
  • Through XP's Multi-Frequency Technology (FMF), the deep detection system searches on multiple frequencies simultaneously, similar to the DEUS II.
  • The XTR-115 has advanced discrimination which ignores iron and also small targets such as nails and pull tabs that are close to the surface.
  • The XTREM HUNTER also offers wireless flexibility, the coils can easily be connected with the remote control. This allows you to switch between the XTR and normal DEUS II coils within seconds.
  • The deep detection system was designed, among other things, for easy carrying comfort. It can be carried by a single person, in one hand, while other systems often have to be carried in two hands or even by two people. With a weight of 2.9 kg and the use of a carrying strap, the device can be carried effortlessly over longer periods.


What should be considered when using the XP XTREM HUNTER?

The detection field of the two coils builds up directly underneath. Accordingly, the coils must be as close to the ground as possible, without touching it. The XTREM Hunter, unlike conventional metal detectors, is a Non-Motion System. This means that the device, or the coils, do not have to be swung over the ground. Also, no type of metal should be worn on the body. (Belt buckles, smartphones, keys, etc.)


The XTREM HUNTER, resulting from XP's endeavor to continuously bring the most advanced and powerful detectors to the market, stands at the pinnacle of XP's portfolio.


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