Conservo - Cleaning liquid 500ml (EUR 35,80 / L)

Conservo - Cleaning liquid 500ml (EUR 35,80 / L)


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The Conservo cleaning liquid for ground finds has the following features and benefits:

  • Suitable for silver, copper, brass, aluminum and bronze
  • Fast and easy handling
  • High efficiency in case of heavy soiling
  • Preserves the patina

Conservo - Cleaning liquid 500ml

Conservo has been created through years of research to gently remove incrustations and corrosion from objects.

Advantages of Conservo:
- Conservo is a unique cleaning fluid on the market of conservation
- Conservo is a safe composition of several components both for the user and for the objects to be cleaned
- High efficiency in removing grynszpan, dirt, corrosion and other deposits
- Quick and easy handling
- Conservo is particularly suitable for materials made of silver, copper,bronze, brass and aluminum
- High efficiency - a 0.25l bottle is enough to clean about 100 coins!
- Conservo is delivered in a sealed bottle with a detailed instruction manual in German language

We have tested Conservo very carefully and can say from our own conviction that Conservo is perfect for cleaning
dirt, corrosion and other deposits. Conservo is our personal recommendation to clean found objects gently and effectively.

Application tip:
We recommend Conservo Pure with a harder brush on the object to be cleaned to apply. something to act and
afterwards to rinse with water.
So you can clean the object more specifically and best preserve the patina.

Content of delivery:
- 1x 500ml bottle
Conservo cleaning fluid with German instructions

For optimal preservation after cleaning the object, we recommend the DARK AGE Cream Wax.

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Effective cleaning for silver, copper, brass, aluminum and bronze, easy to use, high efficiency for heavy soiling, preserves the natural patina, scratch-free cleaning

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