Dark Age Cream Wax 29g (EUR 27,55 / 100g)

Dark Age Restoration Cream Wax 29g (EUR 27,55 / 100g)

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The DarkAge Cream Wax has the following features and benefits:

  • Suitable for all metals
  • Quick and easy handling
  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect preservation
  • Does not turn the object white
  • Ready to use
  • Without solvent

Dark Age Cream Wax

The Dark Age Cream Wax is a mixture of kerosene wax and oils, in orderto protect, conserve and enhance the floor finds of all kinds in the best possible way.
Due to the perfect coordination and composition, your floor finds will become a real eye-catcher.

Due to the special composition, the wax behaves like a cream at room temperature and does not need to be warmed before use.
An easy and even application is thus given.

The wax is delivered ready for use and can be used immediately.

Application tips:

- Clean the object well before conservation. For an effective and at the same time gentle cleaning, we recommend our restoration pencils.
- To obtain a creamy consistency, it is recommended to store and apply the wax at room temperature.
- Apply the wax evenly and massage it in well.
- Too much wax can cause damage to the object Too much wax can be removed with a brush or microfiber cloth to eliminate white residue.
- After application, let the wax soak in for a few minutes.
- For further enhancement, the object can be polished with a microfiber cloth.

Contents of delivery :

- Dark Age Cream Wax 29g
- Instructions

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