XP DEUS 2 II - WS6 wireless headphones

XP DEUS 2 II - WS6 wireless headphones

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  • very light
  • Weatherproof
  • only 52 grams
  • up to 15 hours battery life
  • the most important settings
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XP WS 6 wireless headphones for XP Deus 2

The XP WS6 wireless headphones can be used as standalone with the FMF coil from XP, as well as in conjunction with the Deus 2 remote control. All important settings can be made via the headphones. On the clear display one can find a Ferrous/No Ferrous indicator, battery status, selected program and the conductance. The module can be removed from the headphone bracket to attach it e.g. to the shaft as a control unit. (Rod attachment box not included in delivery)

The WS6 can be connected to the WSA II headphones for optional use as a control unit.


    • 12 different programs
    • Sensitivity
    • Crossover
    • Discrimination
    • Iron volume
    • Reaction speed
    • Signal amplification
    • Ground balance (manual & automatic)
    • Tones - selectable between 2, 3, 4, 5, pitch and full tone

Technical data:

    • Wireless through patented XP-wireless protocol
    • MI-6 pinpointer connection
    • Integrated controls
    • Foldable, ergonomic headphones that can be replaced at any time
    • Weatherproof
    • Lithium battery
    • Battery life: approx. 15 hours
    • Weight: 82 g
    • Resolution: 64 x 64 pixels
    • USB fast charging protocol: less than 3 hours
    • Displays the charging status of the headphones and coil
    • Exact detailed target ID
    • 10 coil slots available
    • Horseshoe indicator (Ferrous/No Ferrous)

Content of delivery:

    • XP WS6 wireless headphones (Only compatible with Deus 2 RC or FMF coils)
    • Charging cable
    • Protective box for safe transport
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Very light, weatherproof, weighs only 52 grams, up to 15 hours battery life, important Settings
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32506390 XP Minelab

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